SEO: Understand the importance of hiring an expert copywriter

SEO is a fundamental requirement for all copywriters, because in order to leverage their career and make their texts stand out, mastering these techniques is an essential factor.

However, SEO has many concepts, that is, to have a good foundation it is necessary to dedicate time to its study, in order to acquire knowledge and know how to apply it.

The use of SEO in content production is very important to create relevant texts and attract even more customers.

With that in mind, we’ve separated some important tips for you who are a copywriter and still don’t use it in your texts.

The importance of SEO in content production

First, one of the great goals of SEO is to deliver quality content to the reader.
SEO is about optimizing content and pages for search engines.
Through SEO techniques it is possible to:

  • Present quality information in the text;
  • Make reading easier, without making it tiring;
  • Position the content facilitating your search;
  • Relevance of the content produced;
  • Give your persona really what she’s looking for.

Creating SEO Focused Title

The importance of the title is much greater than many writers think, even because it is through it that people will be really interested in whether or not to read your content.

The gateway, we can call it that, because it is what will help you to draw attention to your content, which, like the title, must be well produced and of course in line with SEO rules.

Here are a few steps to create an eye-catching headline:

  • SEO Title and Internal Title – The SEO title must contain a maximum of 65 characters and contain the keyword most aligned to the left. The internal title, on the other hand, does not have a character limit and is used before the beginning of the text, it must contain the keyword, but without the right place to place it.
  • Use creative and eye-catching titles that make the reader identify with the content that follows;
  • Use the main keyword related to what you intend to mention during the text.

The title is also responsible for the number of clicks on your post and its ranking on Google.

Digital marketing in content production

When we talk about SEO, we can’t help but talk about content marketing, after all, together they are a set of strategies that are part of all planning, production and distribution of the content produced.

SEO mainly helps in the distribution of content production and it is through the keyword that it will be found. The keyword is used to emphasize and facilitate the search for content related to it in search engines.

It is in the creation process that companies are able to reach customers and better meet their expectations during the sale.

Content production involves texts, videos, audio, ebooks, infographics and other types of media.
But it is important to emphasize that each one has its particularities when it comes to SEO.

How to produce content with SEO techniques

  • Focus the content on the user’s search;
  • Find the most searched keyword by the audience;
  • Create the agenda, theme, titles, subtitles;
  • Use a tone in writing according to your target audience;
  • Respect the use of subheadings (H2/H3) and internal and external links;
  • Use the keyword in the composition of the meta description;

Finally, always remember to write thinking about helping the reader, focusing on solving problems, creating relevant content and using SEO tips.

Editor: Erika Busnello


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