Privacy Policy

  1. Collection of Personal Data The personal data collected by the Freela Web platform is limited to those that are directly and voluntarily provided by the user.

The collection of this data is necessary to identify you, register you in the system, make and receive payments, as well as to enable the execution of other platform functionalities.

The aforementioned data may also be used exclusively by the platform to fulfill legal obligations, management, administration, provision, and improvement of services.

  1. Security Freela Web ensures the security and confidentiality of the personal data under its custody.

Freela Web is not responsible for the security of information exchange conducted outside the platform.

The personal data exposed in the user profile description are public and accessible to any visitor of the page. The platform is not responsible for third-party use of data exposed on this page.

  1. Disputes If a dispute between Freelancer and Client is opened, the team responsible for adjudicating the dispute will access the information exchanged in the platform’s chat between the users, including messages and attachments.

Access to such data occurs only when disputes occur and will be done exclusively by the respective judging committee.

  1. Cookies Freela Web uses cookie files that are stored on the user’s device, exclusively to improve the user experience, making it faster and smoother.

If desired, the user can configure their browser to notify or block the installation of cookies sent by Freela Web.

  1. Third-Party Relations We do not sell, trade, or transfer your personally identifiable information to third parties.

Occasionally, we may rely on other trusted service providers who will help us improve the user experience with the platform, safeguarding the confidentiality of the information provided.

Projects submitted by Clients may be published in the job section of Freela Web, as well as on its profiles on social networks, affiliated companies, subsidiaries, or commercial partners.

  1. Communication By default, we communicate with the user via the email provided at the time of registration.

Important notifications such as project completion, payment release, dispute outcome will always be received at the email address provided.

Other notifications can be disabled at any time by clicking on the link described in the top margin of the email or by accessing (while logged into the user profile) Notifications.


All users can view and edit their personal data as well as close their account at any time.

In case of closure, profile information will no longer be displayed to other users and visitors of the platform.

However, public projects, their descriptions and attachments, as well as data related to projects executed between Seller and Buyer, will remain visible.

Administrators are allowed access to and storage of user information indefinitely.

To improve your experience and security, we do not store credit card data.

Freela Web will disclose to competent authorities the personal data and any other information that is in its possession and is required in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

  1. Data Deletion The deletion of other data held by the platform, at the user’s request, will be conditioned to the prior evaluation of the administrators, due to the need to comply with legal and security obligations.


The jurisdiction of São Paulo/SP is elected to settle any conflicts arising from the use of the platform, whether by the Client or the Freelancer.


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