Self-employment: how to live on freelance alone?

Whether because of the lack of formal jobs or because they want to change their area and way of working, many people have already thought about the possibility of making a living from freelance work. That is, to leave aside the traditional CLT and pursue a career autonomously. It may seem risky and give a little fear. However, with planning, it is possible to work on your own and secure your income by working as a freelancer. 

With changes in the country and in the world, technological advances and the transformation of the job market, freelancing has become an increasing trend. In an interview with Correio 24 horas, Wladimir Martins, president of the Brazilian Association of Human Resources of Bahia (ABRH-BA), it is possible to live as a freelancer, given that many activities were outsourced, providing new opportunities for the freelancers market. “Several professions will suffer with the changes in the world of work and will be replaced by automated processes, therefore, many positions will be extinct”.

The areas of expertise for a freelancer are vast and bring many possibilities. From marketing-oriented services to the gastronomic universe, there are opportunities for the self-employed. “There are freelancers who produce specific dinners; those in the digital world, who improve their positioning on social networks; those of writing, which produce texts for social networks, among many possible ones”, explains Martins.

The question is: how to start living only by freelancing?

At this point, discipline is the key to success! Although they want to work as freelancers, people can stick to fixed jobs through a formal contract, unemployment insurance, paid vacations. That is, benefits that bring greater security. However, if you plan from the beginning, you can supply all these aspects. 

For this, it is extremely important to set goals. That is, guiding your entire work process — whether establishing which services you will provide, the amounts charged, creating a portfolio and keeping your professional networks up to date. 

Having the Internet is ideal right now. Currently, there are several ways to showcase your services online. Whether creating a profile focused on your work on social networks and even registering on freelance platforms, such as FreelaWeb, which help to connect professionals and contractors easily and quickly, without bureaucracy. 

With services coming to you, it’s important to create a work routine. Although freelance work is flexible, it is recommended to separate leisure and rest time from working hours. 

Written by: Guia do Rossi

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