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Remove Phishing, virus, malware sites and wordpress stores
Exclusive Service for WordPress Websites Are you facing phishing, viruses, or malware on your WordPress site? Has your site been compromised by hackers, phishing attacks, or lost passwords? Don't...
fixed Rate
$ 75.00
Secure WordPress (Wordpress Security Optimization)
Optimized Rewrite: Enhancing Security Measures for WordPress Websites So, you've established a business using WordPress, made investments, reaped profits, and then suddenly, your website falls...
hourly Rate
$ 30.00
WordPress Repair and Fixes service $60
WordPress Patch Service Addressing and resolving issues related to themes, plugins, or WordPress core. Our services include: Resolving issues with large file uploads or configuration Troubleshooting...
fixed Rate
$ 60.00
Website Optimization (SPEED)
Optimize Your Site SpeedSite Optimization ServiceImprove your WordPress site speed. Google rewards faster loading sites with higher rankings than slower ones. The Service includes: Database...
fixed Rate
$ 100.00

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