Home office: 4 top tips for you

Teleworking requires dedication, concentration, focus and organization.

It takes a whole lot of planning before starting work, so that your goals are achieved and delivered successfully at the end of the day.

We have separated important tips to help you, freelancers, in this moment of transformation in the way you work and provide services.

First, you need to organize your work hours, that is, carry out your professional activities without letting your home activities interfere.

Therefore, while you are there focused on work, nothing that is not related to this you should pay attention to, that way your work will pay off and you will have a good development working from home.

It is essential to know how to separate your professional life and personal life for a few hours of your day. Otherwise, you will not dedicate yourself 100% to one thing or the other.

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4 Tips for telecommuting to flow

1. Write down the tasks you need to do daily, and rank them in order of importance.

Make a list, it can be in excel, word, notepad or any other application you know or use, and number according to the priority of each one. One idea is to make two columns, on one side the task, on the other the due date.

Planning is essential for you who work from home, when performing each task in your time, the probability of reaching the end of the day with the feeling of accomplishment will be greater.

2. Track and record the completion of each activity performed.

At the end of the day, go back to the list, and record what was accomplished and if everything is ok with what you planned for that day.

Organization in telecommuting life is a very important factor. Many people end up not completing or leaving important work unfinished, thus delaying delivery and causing some problems with customers.

3. Always keep your workplace clean and organized.

A place without organization or with many things on the table end up hindering your performance. The cleaner the environment, the better.

4. Control your time on the phone, internet, social media, and homework.

It is essential to know how to separate these moments, especially when we talk about social networks, because we know that it is something that totally takes the focus away from what we are doing.

Housework should be done at pre-planned times by you, that is, no mixing professional and domestic tasks.

It may seem difficult, but with planning, dedication and routine everything can be made simpler, just get organized, prioritize what is important at the moment and focus on the performance of that work.

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Editor: Erika Busnello


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