Freela Web, First and most important steps

Congratulations you just created an account! if you have created an account on Freela web the first things you need to know is that in order to have a profile that closes deals and for you to start earning money through our platform are the following:

First steps – complete your profile

First steps is to create the profile because it is through the profile that you will conquer your first customer and do new business.
Things you must do:

Tell us what kind of creative you are through your description:

It is very important that you write about yourself and your experience, before buying users always want to know who they are buying from.

Update your full account and bank details.

It is very important that your Freela web account and profile is 100% up-to-date, otherwise you will not get a good engagement both in search engines and on the website itself.

Add your profile photo

Adding a profile picture is the basics, as you can pass some credibility and sell a service without having at least one profile picture, it doesn’t have to be yours, it can be your agency’s logo or an image that illustrates your profile well.

Update your portfolio – if you already have some work done.

You who have a portfolio can upload it in the format of images, hundreds of prints or even an art if you still don’t have a work done leave it blank and fully update your profile to try to close the first deal send proposals.

Complete your profile

We’ve already talked about the importance of having a complete profile so if you’ve just made a profile we recommend that you include the cover, institutions, and courses you’ve already been through.

Update your skills

Competencies are in your public profile and it is extremely important that you put them because when qualifying the buyer user you can specify which competencies you applied to your service.

Publish your first ad on our marketplace

You have now completed your profile, now you have 2 ways to start closing a first deal, you can read the article on how to close a first client, it will help you close your first deal through our platform and also consult our blog. you will find hundreds of tips for closing deals, getting clients and much more. but most importantly remember your profile must be as up to date as possible.


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